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Halcombe School Board of Trustees’ Election 2019

Parent Election: we have 9 candidates for the parent trustee election.
An election has been held to select 5 parent trustees:

Shane Casey
Rochelle Chase
Richard Dodunski
Mark Evans
Rowena Jones
Rachel Lane
Andrew Managh
Jessica Pettersson
Luke Shannon
Voting closed on Friday 7th June 2019 at noon. 
Votes will be counted and results declared on Thursday 13th June 2019. 
The new Board takes office on Friday 14th June 2019. 
Good luck to all candidates!

We have 9 strong candidates for the parent trustee election, and we thank each of them for their commitment to Halcombe School.

Shane Casey
Hi my name is Shane Casey. I live in Feilding with my wife Tarsh and our two sons Cameron and Tristan. Cameron is now at high school and Tristan still attends Halcombe School.
My main role is a local government councillor for the Manawatu District Council.  As part of my role I also liaise with the Halcombe Development Committee and am a trustee of the Halcombe Community Trust.  I believe that Halcombe School is special as it continues to deliver above average results and helps to produce positive, productive children who contribute greatly in our district.
With my current governance experience both in Local Government, as the Chairperson for the Feilding and Districts Youth Board and current Chairperson of the Halcombe School Board of Trustees, I would love to continue my current service to our school, its children, parents and our valued teaching staff. Our school is in demand and is experiencing enrolment growth and with that demand brings opportunities and challenges.
I will continue to help maintain our school’s outstanding reputation and infrastructure not only for our present students but also for the next generation yet to attend this unique country school.

Rochelle Chase
Tena koutou katoa,
I was co-opted on to the Halcombe School Board of Trustees midway through this last term and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to serve the school community during this time.
My working life has primarily seen me in administrative roles - sports administration making up the most enjoyable part of that, with roles at both Sport Wanganui and Sport Manawatu having a major focus in event management.  Following some big life changes, I decided to return to study and have been slowly working toward a Bachelor of Business Studies (accounting major, psychology minor); in that time I have been fortunate to have contributed to Massey University’s School of Business as a mentor to first-year distance students, and more recently as part of a project team within Te Au Rangahau - the Maori Business Research Centre.
As a school community member I have coached touch, flippaball and netball teams at various times and have enjoyed opportunities to attend or support school assemblies, outings and class camps along the way.
My family consists of my husband, Bryant, and our four children - Mareana, Blake, Max & Ben - who have all been educated at Halcombe School.  We live on the Tokorangi bus route and have been here for almost 10 years - and we are very aware of just how lucky we are that the closest school to our home is such a well-regarded, safe and opportunity-rich environment for our kids.  Whether big or small moments, our children have enjoyed success at Halcombe School in ways that have been an acknowledgement of each of them as individuals.
In my opinion, the Halcombe School community comprises a progressive and engaged group who are committed to ensuring that all students have a positive experience at the school - finding their best in the areas of schoolwork, physical activity, leadership, and as well-adjusted contributing community members.
I seek election to the Board of Trustees for the coming term and commit to ensuring that our school continues to provide the environment and opportunities that we as interested stakeholders, aspire to.  And lastly, I wish all successful candidates the very best for the coming term.
Nga mihi nui

Rochelle Chase

Richard Dodunski
My name is Richard Dodunski and I have two children who attend Halcombe School.
Being on the Halcombe School BOT for the last three years has been an enjoyable experience and I would be happy to represent you again if given the opportunity.
I’ve been involved in primary school education for twenty years which gives me a solid understanding of what goes on in the background to create successful schools such as Halcombe. I started my teaching career as a Year 5/6 teacher in Room 5 at Halcombe School before heading overseas to teach in the UK and Angola. Since returning to NZ I’ve worked at South Makirikiri School and am currently the Deputy Principal of Lytton Street School in Feilding where I’ve been for the last five years.
I believe the role of a parent rep is an important one where they need to be asking questions to seek clarification and gain understanding on a wide variety of issues. This gives them the knowledge to have input into the direction of the school while keeping the overall aim of raising student achievement at the forefront of their decisions.
I’m mindful of retaining Halcombe School’s unique rural character in a sector that is rapidly changing. It has extremely strong community support, staff who work hard to provide a broad curriculum giving our children a multitude of experiences, and produces students who are well prepared for their next step in education once they leave.
Halcombe is very well regarded in the education community and I’d like to once again be involved in its governance in order to continue providing our children with a quality education.

Mark Evans
My name is Mark Evans and our family has had involvement with Halcombe School since Lucy joined the school in 2017. I live in Feilding with Philippa and now that Lucy has left to begin her secondary education, we have still have Millie enjoying her primary schooling in the positive & supportive environment at Halcombe School. 
I am currently the Lower North Island Grain Manager for PGG Wrightson Seeds. My role entails contract negotiation, management & enforcement; sometimes with contracts with values of millions of dollars. This role calls for relationship management between our buyers and our farmer/grower base. Oversight on financials, position & exposure is a key requirement of this role. This role also requires analytical skills, strategic awareness, constant financial awareness & the ability to offer solutions in sometimes tense situations.
Out of my corporate role I’m involved in administration & management of a range of sports – mainly triathlon, Harriers and children’s athletics. The majority of this administration & management is in the form of committees which provide the interface between various club members and the respective management committee(s). Event management also forms part of this administration & management function, providing opportunities for everyone to compete in various sports & activities. 
I believe the skills I’ve learned over the past 15 years in a corporate environment coupled with the administration skills learned in various committees over the past few years provide me the skill set to make a positive & effective contribution to Halcombe School. 

Rowena Jones
Kia Ora
My name is Rowena and I wish to stand as a Parent Representative for the Halcombe School Board of Trustees.
A bit about me…
I have 4 daughters, Marie (14), Eleanor (9), Nia (6) and Siân (4) and married to Rob Jones (Head of PE at FAHS and Girls rugby coach).
I have been teaching music at secondary school level for 14 years, previously at FAHS and now MANUKURA in Palmerston North. I also have my own private music business that I run after school, two days a week.
I wish to stand for BOT for several reasons...
1) Halcombe is an outstanding school and I want to learn off the people who run the school.  I enjoy being part of a forward-thinking team.
2) I believe all students have the right to an education regardless of background, ability or demographic.
3) I would like to learn more about the primary school systems, so I can support and create change where needed to better education for students, in both primary and secondary schools.
What I have to offer…
1) I have 14 year in the secondary system so I know the environment that most students will be entering when leaving Halcombe school.
2) I love to ask questions and understand not only the logistical reasons behind decisions but also the deeper meaning behind it.
3) I feel like I can add to the school especially in the ‘Arts’ area – Music/Drama/Dance etc
Nga Mihi 

Rowena Jones

Rachel Lane
Hi, I’m Rachel Lane. My husband Jeff and I live in Halcombe with our 2 children, Taylor (yr3) and Hunter (yr1), who attend Halcombe School.
For the past 5.5 years I have been the chairperson of the Halcombe Community Development Group. I have recently stepped down as Chairperson however remain part of the committee.
I am passionate about building a better world for our children and would love the opportunity to be actively involved in our children’s school via the Board of Trustees.
I believe a quality balanced education is one of the most important things we as parents can give our children – involving both learning inside and outside the traditional classroom, with and without modern technology. Halcombe School does well to provide this balance. It also has scale to support quality infrastructure and resources yet is small enough to retain the uniqueness of a rural school. It is a real asset to the community and our children. I would like to do my part in ensuring this continues to the foreseeable future.

Andrew Managh
Hello, I am Andrew Managh. I am a current member of the Board of Trustees, managing the finance portfolio and I would like to continue the school’s strong financial wellbeing if re-elected.
Being a life-long Halcombe resident and ex Halcombe School student, I know the school and community well – spending 23 years in the Halcombe Fire Brigade.
I understand the importance of the school in our community.
I believe the school is currently in good heart with strong effective management, governance and great teachers which are critical in providing comprehensive quality education for our children. I have enjoyed being on the team introducing our school zone policy, a positive step in retaining our special school culture at Halcombe.
The biggest change in education in the last 20yrs will the introduction of the Government’s policy ‘Tomorrows School Review’ over the next few years. This could affect the way our schools are managed and the level of community governance. New housing development in the school zone will continue to put pressure on the roll and school facilities. I would like to remain your representative on the Board to help guide Halcombe School through these issues.
When not involved with the school, I am the Managing Director at Ratanui, our family farm and business. I am married to Geraldine, and our son William is in Mrs Higgie’s room for year six.


Jessica Pettersson

Hello, my name is Jessica and I am looking forward to continuing to represent the families of Halcombe School as a Board of Trustees representative.  I was co-opted to the board in 2015 and held the role of Chairperson from 2016-2019.  My husband and I are local business people and have recently merged our Plumbing business in Palmerston North with our newest business in Feilding ‘Tricklebanks’ where I work during the school hours.  We have had two children finish Halcombe School after their respective 8 years each (Georgia & Jack, now at FAHS) and we have Abbie at Halcombe.
I have enjoyed being a member of the Board. I believe that students come first, and I feel privileged to be a part of a school community that provides such a quality education for our children.  Our school governance is well run and supported through an amazing team of parents and staff.  I would like the opportunity to continue to support Halcombe School as a parent, representative, a community member, and as someone who is passionate about providing the best education to our children.

Luke Shannon
My name is Luke Shannon, I am married to Nikki and currently have two children attending Halcombe School, Jordan year 6 and Blake year 4. I am employed as a constable and trainee detective in the New Zealand Police.
I have no previous experience on a board of trustees, however believe I have the right attributes with my background, skills and knowledge. I work well in a team environment, can think strategically, ask questions and have good communication skills.
Most importantly I have a strong passion and dedication to provide the best possible education and learning environment for the children of Halcombe School and believe I would be an effective and valuable member of the Board.

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