Halcombe School

Halcombe School
" Today for Tomorrow "                                           

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: Mrs Sue Simpson
Deputy Principals:
Miss Dianne Simpson (Senior Team), Mrs Barbara Davies (Junior Team)

Classes for 2017:
Room 8: Mrs Barbara Davies Year 1
Room 7: Mrs Debbie Turner Year 1
Room 1: Mrs Lucy Buckley Year 2
Room 2: Mrs Kylie Olynsma Year 3
Room 3: Miss Heidi Jeynes Year 4
Room 4: Miss Kirsten Main Year 5 - 6
Room 5: Miss Dayna Fleet Year 6 - 7
Room 6: Miss Dianne Simpson Year 7 - 8

Support Staff
Office Manager: Mrs Paula Stace
Cleaner/Caretaker, Pool Manager: Mr Alan Martin
Teacher Aides:
Miss Annah Carey , Mrs Emma Johnson
Mrs Sue Simpson, Principal
Sue Simpson
Miss Dianne Simpson, DP Senior Team
Dianne Simpson
Deputy Principal (Senior Team)
Room 6 (Year 7 - 8 )
Mrs Barbara Davies, DP Junior Team
Barbara Davies
Deputy Principal (Junior Team)
Room 8 (New Entrants)
Mrs Debbie Turner, Room 7
Debbie Turner
Room 7 (Year 1)
Mrs Lucy Buckley, Room 1
Lucy Buckley
Room 1 (Year 2)
Mrs Cara Howie, Room 2
Cara Howie
Room 2 (Year 3)
Miss Heidi Jeynes, Room 3
Heidi Jeynes
Room 3 (Year 3 - 4)
Miss Dayna Fleet, Room 4
Dayna Fleet
Room 4 (Year 4 - 5)
Miss Kirsten Main, Room 5
Kirsten Main
Room 5 (Year 6 - 7)

Mrs Paula Stace, Office Manager
Paula Stace
Office Manager

Miss Annah Carey, TA
Annah Carey
Teacher Aide

Mrs Caroline Withey, TA

Caroline Withey
Teacher Aide
Mr Alan Martin, Caretaker/Cleaner
Alan Martin
Caretaker/Cleaner, Pool Manager

Our Board of Trustees


School Bus Drivers
Stanway/Feilding Bus: Mary Norman
Main Road Bus:
Madge Coachlines (Uzabus Fleet), 06 356 4896; e-mail info@madge.co.nz web: www.uzabus.co.nz

Tokorangi Bus: Violet Evans
Tranzit Coachlines Manawatu, 06 355 4955; e-mail: pmr@tranzit.co.nz web: www.tranzit.co.nz
Mrs Emma Whiteman, TA
Emma Whiteman
Teacher Aide


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