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Helping at Home

Families play a big part in a child's learning every day, and can support and build on what they learn at school. We encourage families to have a close relationship with our school and support their child's learning at home. Most importantly, we encourage parents to get to know their child’s teacher and our Principal. We want families to share any concerns and ideas and get regular feedback on their child’s progress.

We regularly host workshops & information sessions for families to help support learning at home - check the newsletters for details!

Regular parent/caregiver meetings and conferences provide an opportunity to share and talk about how your child is getting on at school. Conferences involve the student, parents and/or caregivers, and the teacher.


Essential Resources
Helping at Home Booklet      Learning Times is Easy        Helping with Basic Facts      Essential Spelling Lists         Richie Says! (reading tips)


Online Learning
There are many great educational websites to try! Visit our class blogs for links to trusted websites that our students are using every day.


20 Ways to Ask your Kids "So how was school today?"


Supporting Your Child's Learning - great resource leaflets from the Ministry of Education that explain the National Standards for Reading, Writing & Mathematics for different Year groups, where your child should be after 1 - 8 years at school, and how you can support them at home:

Early learning/Pre-school             Year 1              Year 2                 Year 3             Year 4         Year 5            Year 6               Year 7            Year 8


Link to the Ministry of Education's "parents" webpage for more useful information about your child and their education, what they learn, how their progress is assessed and how they can succeed with your support.

The Education Review Office (ERO) has produced a useful booklet called "How is my child doing? Questions to ask at school" to help families find out meaningful information about their child's progress at school.

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