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The Curriculum is "What our children are learning"

Halcombe School is guided by The New Zealand Curriculum and develops its own curriculum that meets the learning needs and aspirations of our students.

There are eight learning areas in The New Zealand Curriculum:
English, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Learning Languages, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Social Sciences, and Technology.

key competencies, which sit alongside the learning areas, are designed to encourage enjoyment of learning, the ability to think critically, manage self, set goals to overcome obstacles and get along with others the attributes children need to succeed as adults.

Each term we have a school-wide theme
- a range of topics and a process of inquiry - that helps us to link these curriculum areas in meaningful ways.

Our curriculum is developed by our Principal and teachers. Our Board of Trustees is required to make sure that a quality programme of teaching and learning is in place.

We regularly assess all students and report on their progress to their families and, in broad groups, to the Board or Trustees and Ministry of Education.
Within each curriculum area, students progress through eight levels. Each level represents a learning stage in that subject. Most Year 1-8 students will be learning between levels 1-5. National Standards are standards of achievement for reading, writing and maths.


For more information about The New Zealand Curriculum and "what we learn", please visit the Ministry of Education's website: http://parents.education.govt.nz/

You can view The New Zealand Curriculum Documents online: http://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/

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