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The 2020 school year begins on Monday 27th January. The school office will by open on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd January (mornings).

Key Dates!
Wednesday 5th February: whole school picnic to Kai Iwi Beach.

Thursday 6th February: Waitangi Day
Please note that there are 2 Teacher Only Days in Term 1, 2020: Friday 7th February and Friday 27th March.

The swimming pool will be open and students will begin their swimming programme from the first day of term, so please come to school ready with your togs and towel!
Don't forget the sunhats...

2020 Term Dates:
Term One: Monday 27th January 9th April
Term Two: 28th April 3rd July
Term Three: 20th July 25th September
Term Four: 12th October 10th December (exact end date to be confirmed)

Visit https://www.education.govt.nz/school/school-terms-and-holidays/ for full information on how school terms are set, dates for school holidays, and where public holidays fit into the school year.

Classes for 2020 (subject to change)
Room 1: Mrs Barbara Davies Year 1
Room 2: Mrs Debbie Turner Year 1 - 2
Room 3: Mrs Rebecca Hughes Year 2 - 3
Room 4: Miss Hannah Prior Year 3 - 4
Room 5: Miss Aimee Faulkner Year 4 - 5
Room 6: Mr Kieren Kleinschmidt Year 5 - 6
Room 7: Mrs Rebecca Higgie Year 6 - 7
Room 8: Miss Dianne Simpson Year 7 - 8

Find out more About Us and visit our Information Book webpage for more information about all aspects of the school.

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