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Halcombe School is a decile 8 full Primary School, enrolling children in Years 0-8. We have a stable roll of 180 - 190 students.
Halcombe School is situated in the small rural community of Halcombe, near Feilding, in the Manawatu. Link to Google Maps: 

OUR VISION - Confident, connected, actively involved, life-long learners.        OUR VALUES - 'TRIPLE A' - Attitude, Adventure, Achievement.

Halcombe School is a country school and a focal point for the local community. Traditional school events such as sports days, "Pet Day", camps and trips are held every year. There are lots of opportunities for families to be involved in the school! Well-maintained & resourced classrooms are set in attractive grounds with courts, large sports fields, student gardens, an adventure playground, swimming pools, and a modern community hall. A school bus service is available. A small charge applies for students traveling from Feilding. 

We welcome visits from prospective students and their families.  We are happy to show families around the school and can arrange an interview with teachers and the Principal.
Please note that the school has an Enrolment Scheme in place (see below).

Please see our Information Book webpage for more information about all aspects of the school.

2020 Information

Term Dates 2019
Term 1: Monday 28th January Friday 12th April
Term 2: Monday 29th April Friday 5th July
Term 3: Monday 22nd July Friday 27th September
Term 4: Monday 14th October Wednesday 11th December

Staffing 2019
 Mrs Sue Simpson
Secretary Mrs Paula Stace 
Teacher Aides 
Mrs Kirsten Otter, Miss Lucy Lintott
Caretaker/Cleaner Mr Alan Martin  

Junior Team
Room 1
Mrs Barbara Davies Year 1 (Deputy Principal and Junior Team Leader)
Room 2 Mrs Debbie Turner Year 1
Room 3 Mrs Rebecca Hughes Year 1 - 2
Room 4 Mrs Jane Portman Year 2 - 3
Senior Team
Room 5
Mrs Heidi Atkins Year 4
Room 6 Mrs Kylie Olynsma/Mrs Sue Simpson Year 5 - 6
Room 7 Mrs Rebecca Higgie Year 6 - 7
Room 8 Miss Dianne Simpson Year 7 - 8 (Deputy Principal and Senior Team Leader)

Our latest ERO Review Report (June 2018)

Halcombe School Financial Statements (Annual Report) 2018

Halcombe School Financial Statements (Annual Report) 2017

Halcombe School Enrolment Scheme
Halcombe School has an Enrolment Scheme to manage its growing roll. The Enrolment Scheme determines who can enrol at the school each year. A description and map of the Halcombe School "Home Zone" are available to download and copies are also available at the Office.  All students who live within the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school. 

Out of Zone Enrolments: 
Each year the Board will determine the number of places which are likely to be available in the following year for the enrolment of students who live outside the home zone. This will be notified in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school. The notice will indicate how applications are to be made and will specify a date by which all applications must be received. Priority is given in the following order to applicants who: 
* are a sibling of a current student
* are a sibling of a former student
* are the child of a former student
* are the child of an employee of the school or the child of a member of the Board
* all others.

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